Winners Work at It

Every winner finds a barrier between him and the finish line. 
The barrier be it a wall or mountain¬† exists to present to you the requirement’s for greatness. The requirements have to be discovered, you have to hit a brick wall, you have to get writers block, you have to experience the point of quitting.¬† Only then can we see what is required of a winner. It’s at this point you have to educate yourself with information others know not of, then you can do what others cannot do. You have to discover what separates you from failure and connects you to success. Jesus was at the finish line, he had to fight a battle no one else could fight and no one else could win, a fist of its kind, no one else had arrived at this point before, no one else could, take on this task, yet he could and the scriptures tells us that “he went one step” (Matthew 26:39) Ask yourself what’s my limit today, what’s my brick wall? Every occupation has its barriers. what you know about them separates you from those who trade in mediocrity and those who trade in greatness. Now take that one step more that’s required to being yourself salvation and maybe others too.


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