The Preachers Checklist

1. Is the great commission your priority. Are you reaching the Crowds?
2. Do you shrink back from ministering to the bound and demon possessed?
3. Are the gifts of the Holy Ghost evidenced in your ministry each time you preach?
4. Have you discovered that signs and wonders no longer follow the preaching of God’s word?
5. Are you daily growing in the knowledge of God?
6. Is the book of Acts your pattern of ministry?
7. Do you draw back from persecution because you seek to be politically correct?
8. Do you often feel a failure in ministry?
9. Do you preach fulltime when God has called you full time?
10. Do you avoid subjects that are unpopular or controversial?
11. Do folks come to the altar and prayer through till they get the Holy Ghost
12. Do you love all people or just those in your social denomination?

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