Blind From Birth!….We need a Pentecost!

When he thus spoken he spat on the ground, and made clay of the spittle and he anointed the eyes of the blind man with clay. And said to him Go wash in the pool of Siloam (John 9:6,7)

This man was blind from birth. Folks have limited God to their denomination. God is bigger than your denomination. Go wash in the pool of Siloam, the trouble is we’ve washed in many places and are still dirty and blind. This man had to go to Siloam. It’s where all men God to receive their sight.

Saul after he met Jesus went to his Siloam there he was baptised in the name and received his sight. The disciples of Jesus were commanded too to go to the river, Pentecost and receive their sight. From that day onward they had revelation that turned the world upside down.

“Sent” is a place in the spirit, the place of empowerment, sight, life and yes its God’s bathroom. Have you washed there? What river did you wash in last night?

A few years ago I received the Holy Ghost. I didn’t want it! I told God I don’t understand that kind of stuff! That night I went to a meeting the preacher said, “stand up.” I stood. Then he said, “receive the Holy Ghost!” and I received the Holy Ghost. I shook from head to toe and was like a drunk man. For one hour I talked in tongues. I never had a wash like that night before. That day God took the MUD off my eyes and I saw Jesus. I became a new creation. I know it works, my testimony, “once I was blind but now I see!”

What have you seen that before you were blinded too? Friend maybe you are asking God for power to do something for the Lord. You have to go a place called “sent,” Pentecost! and if It was important for the disciples  to go there, then its important for you and for me to go there. We too must wash in the pool of Pentecost. Don’t believe the devil’s lie that Pentecost is a denomination and only for certain folks, No, Pentecost is a dimension and is for all  folks. You have to get there to be free from what religion has stuck on you. “MUD” from dead things, earthly things. MUD from carnal reasoning about spiritual things, like, “You don’t need the Holy Ghost”  and “you don’t need to speak in other tongues” and “tongues is of the devil”  MUD! It’s what man made religion has put on you to make you “blind from birth!”

Siloam means “Sent” You’ve been “begging” God for more of this and more of that, but you have not gone to “Sent.”  All men born into something, without being born of “water and Spirit” are merely born in MUD. (John 3:5) Born blind! We have to go to this place where we see Jesus who is truth then we can see the way ahead and can be sent.  Only this river can open a blind man’s eyes.

Is this not he who sat and begged?(V8). God showed me, when you go to the river you no longer are dirty, you are no longer a beggar and you are no longer blind… Truth has come to you. That’s the power of Pentecost….

God find your pool..


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