Every generation has its heroes, its revolutionaries. Men and women who dare be a voice. A word that speaks as God for God. To be silent and keep ourselves inside thew church walls is a crime against the gospel. To talk about prophets and salvation yet not face the word is the ultimate hypocrisy. To talk of salvation yet not practice it like the apostles is indeed the highest act of heresy to believe in a God that is anything more than one is paganistic and blasphemy. To potray God as religious is nonsense. Jesus came to give us life not religion. WHAT ABOUT YOU? Nothing is going to change until we begin to preach it like the apostles believes it then we will see it like they saw it. So where do we start with humility. laying aside religious dogma and ask The lord to show you Jesus. fr that’s who God is. Jesus is God. Oh the untalked about message. Jesus is God. Until a man can say that, he has no authority or right to call himself a prophet or apostle, preacher and man of God.(Paul)Photo by David McEachan:

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