The Working of Miracles what authority or what name have ye done this  (Acts 4:7)     What shall we do to these men for that indeed a notable miracle hath been done by them is manifest to all that dwell in Jerusalem and we cannot deny it (v 16)Miracles are one of the nine gifts of the spirit given in  to the believer Paul said, “the manifestation of  the Spirit is given to every man” which includes the workings of miracles (1 Corinthians 12:10).Miracles demonstrate the life and reality of the living God. We are exhorted to both “desire”  and “covet” spiritual gifts which include the working of miracles. When the church looses the gifts it looses its tenacity and zeal for revolution. It looses its fight and might for taking cities. It looses its boldness to believe God for incredible things. Men have to abandon self-confidence and forsake man-made argument in order to see miracles and God demonstrate his power.Miracles are the supernatural workings of the Holy Ghost in ordinary men (Acts 4:13), miracles bring liberation to a generation in slumber and attests to the magistracy of God’s family. The world is looking for your faith, our God and the miracle.Can you covet spiritual gifts? (1 Cor 12:31) Can you be the one God uses to work miracles? Ask God for a fresh endowment of his power this weekend. Ask him for the wisdom and faith to gab boldly these nine gifts of the spirit. Believe God to see a “notable miracle” done among you.God let my town see something of you done through me that they cannot deny!Paul
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