The Gift of prophecy

To another prophecy (I cor 12:10)

Prophecy builds…
Edification: means to construct as a tower.
Exhortation: paraklessis means to come alongside.
Comfort: paramuthia to encourage. Taken from con (together) and fortis (strong) 1 Corinthians 14:2

Prophecy builds, expands and enlarges those alongside you. You may be an encourager who builds  expands and enlarges others  on your blog page or in your network.  You have the spirit of the prophetic there!  As you respond to the provoking of the spirit you can write with the objective of building others, expanding their viewpoint and enlarging their capacity for more.

Quite clearly then, prophecy is not futuristic its NOW….Its not in what you can predict but it is in who you can build!

Go ahead unlock your gift, you have that gift of prophecy.


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