Turning Pressure into Prayer

… could ye not watch with me one hour (Matthew 26:40).
When the pressure comes and you sense  frustration coming your way, pray! Praying is mastering your inner man and talking dominion over that which is on the outside. Praying is placing you in charge and God in control.  It’s shows how big you are and makes a spiritual statement, “the arena the devil is fighting me over is now mine to own and control! Prayer shows that what’s in the spirit is now yours.  If you can pray over unseen things you can give birth to stuff that others call “impossible.” Pressure is the protocol of ownership, its how warriors obtain promises. Praying men  obtain things through pressure that’s turned into prayer. If you feel pressure coming today rejoice, you’re about to become an owner,  maybe like Jesus, a “land possessor” too.


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