20 Reasons Why God’s People Need CHURCH!

One Pastor told me that he would not go back to having  church in a physical location, I thought that’s sad. There are certain types of industry that need buildings and there are certain types of administrations that need offices and there are certain types of religion that need the church building.1. God’s people need a church building because we are the building called the CHURCH.Just like a fish needs water and birds need the trees so God’s people need the church. Just because we are the church does not men we don’t need a  church building. Lawyers need offices, judges need court room, traders need wall street, congress needs the Capitol and parliament needs the houses of parliament. Imagine debating with the opposition party in your home? The church needs a home  and every man needs a home church.2. God’s people need the church for COMMUNITYCommunity gives us family. There’s no such thing as a people of God that does not have family. and my family needs to escape the home and go to church as and when appropriate.3. God’s people need the church for FELLOWSHIPFellowship is our strong point. We are not loners. No man has influenced the world without fellowship. The call of Jesus to the disciple was to fellowship. Tarry together until the holy ghost comes upon you and you shall be my witnesses. Places and people matter to form fellowship. One cannot have church without people and places.4. God’s people need the church for WORSHIPA designated place for congregating together. Our homes are not the ideal place and here’s why. Homes are private places, they are family places. You cannot wander into a home, any home any time of the day to pray and or hold a service, seminar, revival or conference or give counseling. That’s  why we need church building. It’s folly to say we don’t need church buildings. I’ve heard folks say well, we are the church so we don’t need to go to a physical building called the church. Well, I’ve got fifty folks who will come to your house every Sunday for morning church and every Tuesday for prayer meeting and every Thursday for bible study. How does that suit you, now you’re newly wed and married?  Can you really hold church in a home. where would you place the drums, keyboards, pa system. Where would the lost come that got saved in your ministry. WE NEED THE CHURCH BUILDING.5. God’s people need a MEMORIAL A place to REHEARSE OUR DELIVERANCE.And hallow my sabbaths; and they shall be a sign between me and you. that you may know that I am the Lord your God (Ex 20;20). …. “a sign between me and the children of  Israel and forever ” (Ex 31;17).Yes we can meet God anywhere but to meet him in a dedicated place, a place chosen by him on a specific day. Our lives are so taken over by responsibilities today that we need to be disciplined more than ever to meet with the Lord on his day in his house, to know him. its a day set apart in a place set apart to know him.’And this day shall be unto you for a memorial and ye shall keep it a feast, by ordinance forever‘(Ex 12;14). the sabbath is a memorial day.The reason why Israel was to remember the sabbath was because they had forgotten that they were in bondage and when they were in bondage they had forgotten the Lord.  Their deliverance was that they might keep God’s law (Psalm 105:43-45) and particularly the sabbath. “It was indeed a memorial time when they reflected on the fact that the lord had delivered them out of slavery. Something we too forget unless we keep our deliverance as a memorial by keeping the sabbath’TBC20 Reasons you need a Church includes, 20 Reasons you need a Pastor…. available in PDF for Image breakers Partners

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