God’s Give Back Abundance Policy

Image Breakers Devotional

If they listen and serve the Lord, they complete their days in prosperity and their years in pleasantness (Job 36:11).

Notice the plural ‘day’s’ and ‘year’s implying a continual season of prosperity and pleasantness. ‘Pleasantness’ ‘anxiety free living.’ (Roberts Liardon).

I sit opposite a millionaire in the dialysis ward, I ask him, ‘how’s your morning?’ his response is always the same, ‘terrible!’ The reason why even the best of days to him is terrible is because he does ‘not serve the Lord’ He serves money. Money is his topic, subject, passion and God. He’s constantly worried about his bills, his heating costs, his problems. He’s engrossed in troubled living. I tell him about the LORD BUT HE DOES NOT LISTEN he likes to change the topic. and that’s what the scripture here tells us, its those who listen and serve the Lord who get the blessings of the Lord and ‘anxiety free living.’
He does not withdraw his eyes from the righteous,’ Job 36:7) O hallelujah!
No matter what’s going on in your world you an declare ‘today is a good day for me a day of peace and prosperity abundance and blessing. God said it and I’m experiencing it.

God’s key to the troubled soul
(Job 36:10,11).


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