Preaching to Cause a Uproar

In Acts 17 Paul and Silas came to Thessalonica and for three days reasoned that Jesus was the Christ, him of whom the Prophets talked about.  the God who was to become sin and so become the messiah the Saviour of the World. They reasoned “dialogomai” entered into “dialogue,” or “discussion,” soon the city was in uproar…. the house of Jason was assaulted and the brethren were taken to the city council and charged with, ” These that have turned the world upside down are among us ( Acts 17:-1-6)…..Preach with URGENCY in season and out of Season as if God is never out of style and your message never out of date (2 Timothy 4:2)Preach with CERTAINTY. If you know it preach it, if it can be spoken, preach it.  Preach SPECIFICALLY as a dying man to dying men. Preach CONFIDENTLY as one knowing not as one speculating or suggesting.  Gk: ‘ginosko.’ Preach DIAMETRICALLY straight down the line… to arrive at a finish point.  Gk: “diakatelegchomai” (Acts 2:28)

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