10 Reasons why I don’t adhere to the “END of the world” doctrine.

1.The end of the world proponents misread the context of Matthew 24 and apply it to our time and not to the disciples time
2.The end of the world proponents see the Antichrist and the mark as being a saving factor whereas the true believer accepts salvation in Jesus name as the final deciding factor
3.The end of the world proponents read Matthew 24 as end of a physical world the Greek word WORLD (KJV) is actually AGE (NKJV). AIONS not KOSMOS. Jesus spoke of an END OF AN AGE not  the end of a physical WORLD. In history we see many ages that have come and gone. The stone age, the bronze age, the iron age, the industrial age etc. AGES come and go but the world is still here!
4.The end of the World to the Jews means the end of the Jewish system and its age. The Jews had two ages, the law age and the Messianic age. The end of the law age came with Calvary. Hallelujah I’m sure you agree with me there.
5.The end of the world message can cause serious harm, damage and stress in our society, given and spoken by doubters, hardliners, who have misrepresented God’s word and his power to make a new man who has a new belief system and a new optimism for a brand new future out of a brand new hope.
6. “The world will burn with a fervent heat.” Again not a physical world on fire but rather fire as a force that consumes a thing and brings it to destruction, such as it was when Jesus came to destroy the law and its system. Fire speaking of judgement not a literal fire.
7. “The ELEMENTS shall burn with a fervent heat.” “elements” as in elementary school, L,M,N,O,P, etc the first things. These “first things” THE BASICS THINGS OF THE LAW…were destroyed so we count enter into the fulness of the spirit and all things in Christ.
8. HEAVEN AND EARTH shall be shaken, heavens and earth speaks of powers, heavenly powers and earthly powers, all THESE HEAVENLY POWERS AND EARTHLY powers will be shaken and these HEAVENS AND EARTH shall PASS AWAY. The new heaven and earth is God’s people. you are God’s new heavens and earth.
9. Jesus did not save us to give us an end, he saved us to open up a new day a new beginning. the end of the word came when I was baptized. We live in a world without end. ‘But THIS is THAT Which was spoken by the prophet Joel’ (Acts 2;16) He was not talking of the last days of this age but THEIR age. What happened at Pentecost happened in their age. Jesus came at the last days died (Hebrews 11;1,2) and Jesus died at the end of the age ( Hebrews 9;26). One could not say that Christ appeared in the end of the world age if that age had previously existed.
10. The “end of the world” gospel has been used to threaten and scare folks into the kingdom, The true gospel message needs no scare tactics. Try Acts 2:38 and John 3;5 instead. The gospel is the gospel of the good news not the bad news. and the good news gospel is the power of God unto salvation to them that believe

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