WORD Study Notes #110 Order

#110 ORDER


But all things should be done decently and in order. (1 Cor 14;40).

Ministry has its protocol, the way things are done or ordered and structured. Protocol is necessary and biblical God is a God of structure and order and both the way we approach him and the way we deal with the church has its order.

ORDER and STRUCTURE is important. Our salvation delivered us from disorder. Our redemption is an order of royalty a royal order that now as citizens of the kingdom we have to abide by. Us as kingdom saints have a new role that demands we abide by higher standards in our ministry and life.

The way we conduct business in church has changed let me list some of these new approaches as suggestions you may want to employ in ministry for example.

We way we approach other ministries for money. I don’t do this myself but these last few months I have been bombarded by Asian and eastern brothers who somehow think I am the bank of England rather than a citizen of England. It’s horrific to think that strangers will approach me online with the sole intention of getting me to give them money to finance their orphanage or ministry which they cannot financially control. Yes, complete strangers who will message me, with the statement ‘where do you live?’ Now, that tells me they are not interested in me, If you were you would have read my bio on facebook. No, they are just in it to beg for money. I don’t deal with beggars I deal with believers so follow the protocol, the idea is simple, Let the one whom you are approaching FIRST ask YOU if he can support YOUR ministry, not the other way around! Thats my protocol!


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