Living with Dead Ends

Don’t let the world squeeze you into its mold (Romans 12;2-PHPS).
The Bible is full of men and women who challenged the order of the day and dreamed of a new morning on the horizon. Women like Deborah and Esther. Men like Daniel and Paul who challenged mediocrity and the negative spirit and limitations of ungodly men.Robert Millikan Nobel peace prize winner once said, ‘there is no likelyhood that man will ever tap the power of the atom.’
In 1943 Thomas Watson chairman of IBM said,  ‘I think there is a world market for no more than five computers.’ Limitations exist everywhere. In the secular world. Henry Ford once said, ‘I’m looking for people with an infinite capacity for not knowing what can’t be done.’ In the World of the Godly, the apostle Paul said “I CAN DO… “ALL” things through Christ that strengthens me. “The bad are saying what couldn’t be done. That’s what they told us we couldn’t do. Well let me tell you what they also told us we couldn’t do. Like taking knives or guns to school. Having sex with teachers. smoking dope in the school yard. Doing crime and getting away with it. The bad, yes things they said we could not do! ..Now it’s time for the Godly to say what can be done done,  They say kids can’t pray in schools, but kids are praying in school they say we can’t preach, Jesus When the word says. Maybe its time for a new thinking. For the things they said couldn’t be done is being done.
Let me turn this around and say what the pagans and politically correct have said to us Christians ‘you cannot do’ is being done and being done right now! Like praying in School, preaching Jesus and salvation in his name to those of other faiths, preaching in the streets, praying in his name in public. O yes they said we can’t do it! They are too late, its already being done!
Paul said, ‘I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.’  What they told you could not be done is being done and being done right now.So much for what They said we couldn’t
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