Jesus my Kinsman Redeemer

The word KINSMAN is used in Ruth and is used over 100 times and rendered by such additional terms as “redeemer” or “near relative.” The Hebrew term designates a male relative who delivers or rescues ( Gen 48:16 ; Exodus 6:6 ); redeems property ( Lev27:9-25 ) or person ( Lev 25:47-55 );Next of kin is usually defined as a person’s closest living blood relative, someone who may have inheritance rights, and obligations. CHRIST IS OUR KINSMAN REDEEMER… my brother who delivers me. Have you ever attended hospital with a serious illness. If you need some serious surgery they will ask for your next of kin this person will know your situation and know what’s about to take place. Now Christ is our kinsman redeemer that is near in blood, our blood brother. In the old law the kinsman was to redeem his brothers land Ruth iv;4 thus Christ being akin to us, flesh of our flesh is the greatest to redeem us. what’s more he redeems us by his blood. He’s not just there is things go wrong but he lives and abides to put all things wrong right he lives and abides to do what doctors cannot do and that is heal save and deliver indeed he redeems us by his precious blood. he is OUR redeemer physician.

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