Welcome to Image Breakers
My name is Paul B Thomas I am a Pastor Evangelist form Wales Uk. I began ministry in 1982. I have pastored in UK and US and conducted revivals (which is my passion in the States. I continue to preach the gospel via the web and offline as Image Breakers.

I have two children Rebekah and Jonathan and three grandchildren, Ella, Seth and Faye. I have over 40 e books on my page on amazon to build your faith, and are available for immediate download. 

IMAGE BREAKERS: Proclaiming the name of Jesus. A revelation of the one true God and his plan of salvation for you and I. This blog is a Life blog of evangelist Paul B Thomas, provoking thought, building your faith and saving the soul. A unique perspective strictly based on on scripture for the salvation of our generation. Jesus said my words are LIFE. Welcome to the story.

Courses for 2023 Online include
Jesus as God Power Class
Divine Life Possibilities
Building your Evangelist Ministry on and offline
Foundations of the Apostles DOCTRINE