Where is the Kingdom?

WHERE IS THE KINGDOM?Many are preaching that Jesus will come back and reign for a thousand years. That’s something i want to correct and here’s whyJesus will never quit being king and Jesus can never stop being King. for what he is he is that eternally and permanently. He is king forever and will never quit or abdicate his throne neither will he cease being God. why should he, who will he give his throne too, why stop when you got it going all good?God gave man dominion over the earth. God never promised man heaven but earth. the meek shall inherit the earth (Psalm 37:1) (Matthew 5:5).The kingdom of God is within you. Jesus is your King!Jesus said you are a city that cannot be hid… you are the light of the world (Matthew 5:14)God’s throne is in you. he reigns in you and through you.He is not coming back to reign in Jerusalem, you are the heavenly Jerusalem You are the temple he sits in. You are the rebuilt temple. God does not dwell in a temple made by bricks and stone, he dwells in you.  (1 Cor 3:16,19) you are the temple of the living GodLets start believing it like he said it. lets be kings and conquerors instead of whinners and escape artists.lets take the city, preach the kingdom. be the kingdom.Its an insult to Jesus to suggest he will be coming back to be king when he specifically said I will come to you and be in you (John 14:18).So pray, ‘Thy will be done (NOW) in this earth as it is now in heaven.’

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