The Paul B Thomas biography details the life of a man of God who was an evangelist, pastor, author and teacher .He is best known for the numerous books that he authored and his work in the States as a travelling evangelist, Pauls writings are available on amazon, unfolding the truths of Salvation and the one true deity Jesus Christ. God manifested in the flesh. Pauls teachings also contain sound teaching on the five fold ministry, spiritual gifts and destiny.

Understanding the NEW CREATION AND divine life possibilities are also a key to his ministry. Christlikness is a key theme and an essential read for those who desire to advance into the Jesus life and manifest Christlikeness.  Many lives have been transformed reading his simple, yet profound books.

The Early Years

Born in England Paul was sent to a Baptist orphanage near london. He was a few months old when he was adopted by a welsh couple who took him to the South Wales valleys where he grew up attending an AG Church in a small village.  He grew up with a passion to go to America, which quickly became call of the Lord on his life.  There he travelled the bible belt and ministered in various denominations and independent churches including Word of faith, pentecostal, apostolic, Charismatic and others.

He spends his time today building a fellowship offline and a ministry online, writing books and providing key teachigns in podcast and video and written format

  • Youth Pastor
    Pastor of Living Word (Wales)
    Evangelist to USA
    Image Breakers (online ministry)
    Author of 40+ e books on Amazon