REVIVAL: I need Revival
Britain Needs Revival
America Needs Revival

Revival for the church revolution for the world. salvation for the soul. We Need revival.

Revival that does not shake us and awake us is not Revivial. Revival that does not change our passion for Jesus is never Revival.Revival that leaves a man into same state as it found him, is Never REVIVAL

Revival shakes and awakes a man. Revival brings a man to Jesus, revival is where Jesus comes to Man. Its not just a visitation, its an awakening. an awakening to truth of the god man where men and women ask what shallow do to be saved (Acts 2;37). Folks come to the altar pursuing Jesus, repenting and being baptised for the remission sins receiving the Holy Ghost, Acts style.

If we want it like the apostles had it then we must preach it like their beloved it. in both doctrine and demonstration, faith and conviction. If our message is to delver souls out of this message then we must preach what they preached. No more easy believism but the real salvation, where souls are made new by water and spirit just as Jesus said it and the apostles saw it (John 3;5, Acts 238) Nothing less is REVIVAL

Are you Ready?

Blessings always
Brother Paul.